Late Lunch

Oye! LOVED yoga this morning; that wraps up an awesome week my Small Change: Daily Stretching. It was nice getting in the routine of stretching everyday and it actually helped me to improve my workouts. I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes yesterday (I almost never run; only elliptical and spin because of bad hips/knees) and I wasn’t even sore today. I want to encourage all of you to try and stretch more often!

Also, after reading your comments this morning, I’m realizing that I might be the weird one that beings to peel an orange using my teeth! I have no plans on changing that anytime soon though ;)

Well, I taught a great spin class today then came home to an upset roommate, pushing back my lunch till 3pm!!! I was shocked I didn’t pass out but for some reason it takes a little while for my appetite to kick back in after a workout. However, I put together a stellar lunch that will hold me over till a big dinner tonight. A bunch of seniors are attending  a cooking class together and I’m excited for all the great eats! The menu is coconut encrusted tilapia, risotto, and fresh veggies. I’ll be sure to a bunch of pictures!

What was my lunch? A toasted english muffin with 1 tbs garlic hummus on each with ~1/4 cup tabboleh. And a cup of canned green beans!

Yum yum yum

Oh, and I probably had another two tablespoons of hummus with carrots while I was putting everything together.

Off to get some GMAT studying done; see you tonight!

Peeling an Orange

Ahhh I definitely went MIA yesterday.. why? I was SHOPPING!!! Because I worked so hard Friday night and I have a cruise coming up, I decided it would be ok if I went to the mall to “look” at a few things. I did some damage.. oops! However, I will take some pictures of the new clothes because they are SO cute! I think my favorite was the J.Crew blazer that I bought… although the long purse I got came in a close second ;)

This morning I woke and had a lovely orange while waiting for my coffee to brew.

Before peeling, I contemplated how people eat their oranges. I start with my teeth, work my way around the orange, then peel with my fingers. How do you peel?

After my coffee was made I made a fantastic bowl of oats! I was really hungry so I made it a big bowl: 2/3 cup oats, 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt, ~1/2 cup frozen raspberries. This was such a good combo and I loved the texture/temperature contrasts! Now I’m really full and ready to head to yoga before I teach spin!

See you for lunch!

Busy Night

Well its almost 1pm and what have I done today?

  • Was lazy and slept till 11:30 Rested my body and mind
  • Wasted time on the computer Cleaned out my inbox
  • Procrastinated further by planning my day Planned my day so I can be super effective
  • Drank a million cups of coffee Listened to my body and drank what it was craving (else a headache will occur)

You get the picture ;)

Sorry I didn’t get the chance to post yesterday, it was CRAZY! I may have mentioned that I work part-time in retail (I don’t really feel comfortable mentioning where just for safety reasons) and yesterday was insane! Before leaving for work, I had a last piece of my homemade chicken parmesan… it’s still REALLY good.

And about 2 cups of broccoli slaw! In the mix:

  • ~2 cups TJ’s broccoli slaw
  • ~1/4 garlic hummus
  • 1 sliced red pepper
  • sliced carrots

My breath smelled pretty terrible after the garlic but I couldn’t stop eating this! SO yummmy.. this is the perfect example of how I can easily (and cheaply) make tasty, healthy good even when I don’t have alot of time. This probably took me 20 minutes to put together (due to all the chopping) but now I have two awesome servings of it!

While at work, I had the chance to scarf down this gorgonzola & walnut salad.

It was ok.. I realized that I don’t like walnuts a ton and there was only a little gorgonzola (which is why I bought the salad) so it was not overly satisfying. But I also brought TWO apples and those little bebes to nosh on made the meal much better

So why was my night so busy? Well, the guy I was supposed to work with tonight had a lax game and forgot to get someone to cover his shift. We finally got one of his friends to come help me but after 15 minutes, the friend got really sick in the bathroom and had to go home! This was all during the busiest time at the store and I finally had to get the owner to come help me. I felt really bad to have to call him but I guess that’s what happens when you own a business!

After all that stress, I still went out to meet up with my friends (hence why I needed to sleep in this morning). Today is all about catching up and maybe a trip to the mall to shop for SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!

Hope you’re having a great Saturday and today is that day that I get in my yoga class to take care of this weeks Small Change!


Double Stack

Whoop whoop! In a stellar mood this morning which is surprising considering I got 5 hours of sleep last night. My friend Jenna and I stayed up till 3:30 am talking. I’m going to miss living with my best friends SO much! It was a really fun night last night but I’m going to need to sleep in tomorrow!

After the pest man came this morning (we have a minor ant problem, oops) I got set on making breakfast. I woke up FAMISHED. Before cooking eggs, I’d already downed an orange and a small handful of almonds while sitting in bed. haha… breakfast in bed? Well breakfast #2 was much better:  a double stack egg sammie!

From top down: cooked fresh spinach, two eggs (with the yolk: a new one for me!), sliced roma tomato, 100% whole wheat english muffin

Look at that stellar stack!

So I think I’ve decided that Thursday nights are my favorite nights because you can never have a bad night: you can either watch good TV (project runway, grey’s, office) or its a good night to go out because I don’t have class the next day… amen to being a second semester senior!

Alright, I do need to stop procrastinating though and get to work. The to do list:

  • Put BME design presentation together
  • Make broccoli slaw!!! (come visit later to see how it turns out)
  • Clean apartment (this could take awhile…)
  • Gym/elliptical
  • GMAT studying

Gotta get on it!

What is your favorite thing to do on a Thursday night? Do you have a go-to TV show or something you look forward to doing?

Senior Tailgate

Well, I ended up working for only an hour on campus before meeting two of my roommates for beers on campus. They’ve had a tough week and it was nice to kick back and have a beer together. After, we ran home to change and get a quick bite before the Duke vs. Tulsa game.

I headed up a can of Progresso High Fiber Minestrone and I added 1/2 cup of lentils for some extra bulk/fiber. I’ve actually decided that this is my favorite canned soup that I’ve tried. Love the navy beans and it was actually pretty flavorful.

Also, a little apple… still cold and crunchy and that’s all I care about

And some more canned green beans

Once getting to the game, I realized that they had free Jimmy John’s subs! SCORE! I knew I’d be standing for the next three hours and would need the energy so I grabbed a 1/2 of a turkey tom. I love that Jimmy Johns automatically adds sprouts to their sandwiches but I HATE that they use white bread. It just tastes so terrible to me!

While waiting in line to get into the stadium, we “tailgated”. Now, for most schools this would involve grills, cornhole, maybe some beer. But for Duke? It involves group shot guns, funneling, and flip cup…. I’m all about drinking in moderation but I couldn’t turn down the group shotgun ;)

Well that’s it for me  today; probably headed out for a bit then home to crash. Have a great night!

Small Change Update: Wanted to let you all know that I am LOVING this weeks Small Change (to stretch for 15 minutes everyday). I feel so much looser when I wake up in the morning and I’ve also realized that it fairly meditative as well. I might need to get a little more creative with my stretching soon, but for now I’m having no trouble filling 15 minutes! (partially because the last 5 minutes I’ve been giving myself neck/shoulder massages haha)

Oats Return

I might be a morning exercise convert! I got up early this morning and got a solid hour on the elliptical in. I was snowing when I ran to the gym and sunny on my way home. THAT’S the way to start your day. I was SO hungry when I got back but I kept telling myself to shower first (because otherwise I would wait to long to shower and be late to class…) so I took the fastest shower ever with dreams of overnight oats and warm coffee dancing in my head. Please tell me I’m not the only one who dreams of food….

My expectations were met when I tried my bowl of overnight oats. UNREAL. 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup TJ’s greek yogrt, splash of milk, cinnamon, lots of blueberries, and package of TJ’s almonds cut in half. Look at all those nutrients…

Bird’s eye view

I wanted to show a “all mixed up” picture, but it was unsuccessful. The stuff was too thick! I think I need to add more milk/water next time. Does this happen to anyone else? Is it the greek yogurt that makes this happen?

Anyway, that bowl hit me like a brick! It was a good thing too because I didn’t have lunch plans till 1:30. I met my “little” and my “little-little” (sorority family) for lunch on campus at the Refectory. They have the best food on campus and their motto is “Hot Healthy and Homemade”. They use as many local products as possible and pride themselves on being a sustainable living cafe. What good eats on campus! The place is always packed for breakfast and lunch and we even had to wait for a table

Well, it was worth the wait! I got the tofu curry over brown rice with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. AWESOME! The tofu was cooked perfectly and the curry had just enough kick! The portion was fairly large but I had no trouble finishing it. If you’ve noticed, I love having big lunches that power me through the afternoon and this one did just that.

Well, I’m doing a little more work then I’m headed to Cameron Indoor for the Senior Game.. If I don’t get into the UNC game then this will be my LAST game in Cameron. SERIOUS TEARS.

So bittersweet!


PS. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE reading  your comments? THANK YOU FOR VISITING!!!!

Sexually Speaking

Isn’t it true that when you put a title like that, everyone reads on? Sex sure sells! Anyway, I’ll get to the title of the post in a minute..

After class and fly fishing, I came home to make lunch. It was really random.. I’ll admit. Two egg whites and one egg scrambled with spinach and basil on an english muffin, canned green beans, and an orange (unpictured). It was actually a really filling lunch and kept me powered through the day

Cooked spinach over the eggs

After class was SPINNING! My class starts at 4:20 and apparently all the bikes were taken at 3:30! They need to get more bikes!!! It was an awesome class today and I was really hungry (no surprise there) after the hour. I had leftover chicken parm from last friday’s dinner party with a boatload of pasta and steamed broccoli. Hit the spot!

After I went to dinner, I met up some friends to hear a talk titled “Sexually Speaking” by Dr. Ruth! She is 81 years old and is an outrageous sex therapist! It was so fun to hear her talk and my friends and I were dying with laughter the whole time. There were lots of “hot” topics discussed ;)

Well, no pub quiz for me tonight because I have a ton of work, but I’m about to go grab a snack… I’m thinking an apple… maybe some almonds… we’ll see! Have a great night


Small Change Update: Stretch Daily – Today I got off easy because we stretch for the last 5 minutes of spin class so it was really easy for me to head upstairs and stretch for another 10!


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